Coffee Beans

Pezziol coffee project includes a new products line regarding the most esteemed qualities coming from the best origin countries.

cod.CP01pack 500g20 x carton
Strong taste, mixture with determined character and strong personality, full taste, round and intense. Regarding the other qualities this mixture has more body and more intense aromas. The particular toasting gives to this coffee one natural density exalting the intense aromatic veins of the Africans coffees.

cod.CP20pack 500g 20 carton
Delicate taste, ideated in order to satisfy the palate of the connoisseurs, soft blend and delicately aromatic characterized from scents that marries the precious character to the density of coffees from South America and India.
The particular toasting of this mixture concurs to maintain the right degree of density and softness emphasizing in particular the aromatic bouquet.

cod.CEO1pack 500g 20 carton
Intense taste, esteemed blend composed by esteemed coffees coming from Central America and also by other varieties coming from India which are characterized for the aromatic intensity. This natural characteristic does not neglect the density exalted in one coffee cream which meets, in the paradise of the aromas, the favour of the consumer.

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