Marca Rossa - Intense taste

tin g 2500 (cod. AP26)
tin g 1000 (cod. AP30)
tin g 500 (cod. AP34)
tube g150(cod. AP19)

The double concentrated tomato paste results from the concentration of the tomato juice up to 28-30% Brix, only with the addition of salt.

Tomatoes, salt.

The double concentrated tomato paste, considering its concentration, lends itself to the cooking of sauces and condiments which need an accentuated colouring and a strong taste. It is also used in order to exalt the taste and the colour of vegetable soups or to prepare cooking sauces for red meats, contributing to make them soft and tasteful.
Since the beginning, Pezziol has always paid attention to the selection of seeds and the working process with the purpose of obtaining a high quality product. This is the reason why Pezziol double concentrated tomato has always been recognized as an excellent product, collocated in the high market range.
Pezziol double concentrated tomato is entirely natural without additives or chemical preservers and it is OGM free.

The tomatoes, previously washed in running water and selected, are burnt by steam at 80° C and then sieved to separate juice from peels and seed. The final juice is then concentrated under vacuum (at low temperatures) with the aim of maintaining its fragrance and preserve its vitamins. After this process, the product is canned and pasteurized at about 90° C then cooled.

The packed product maintains his chemical, physical and organoleptic properties for 36 months if preserved in covered warehouse at room temperature.

Chemical specifications
Parameters U.M. Range
Brix % 28÷30%
pH % 4,1÷4,4
Bostwick cm 9÷10
Total acidity / dry residue % 1,8÷2,5
(% citric acid t.q.)
Howard % <60
Reducer sugars / dry residue % 14÷18
Salt % 1,5
(max 1%)
BACTERS and LEAVENS: absent and/or inactive for pH < 4,5.
The analyses have been checked by the National Institute of Alimentary Preserves (I.N.C.A.) and made for lot of production. These values have to be considered as medium data not referable to a single parcel of goods.
Medium nutritional data x 100 g

ENERGY Kcal 83,6/Kj 350

PROTEINS animal absent
vegetable origin g 4,8

FAT animal absent
vegetable origin g 0,4


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