Crushed Tomatoes

bag in box g 10000 (cod. AP45)
tin g 5000 (cod. AP57)
tin g 3000 (cod. AP60)
tin g 500 (cod. AP62)

Tomato pulp in distinguishable pieces get by the manufacture of select tomatoes.

Tomatoes, tomato juice, salt.
Acidity corrector: following the good industrial technique.
Citric acid: what is necessary.

Tomatoes of selected types (Isola, Brigade F1, PSX 1296, Amur F1, etc.) having good consistence, a red colouring , unimpaired, fresh, ripe, wholesome.

The fresh tomatoes, previously separated from every kind of foreign materials, washed and electronically selected, are burnt by steam at 100° C about, and successively, trough an extrusion process in drums having holes of about mm. 9, are transformed in tomato pulp.
The product obtained is mixed with tomato juice; so it is heated at 80° C and then canned directly in the tins. The tins are submitted to sterilization at a temperature of 98° C and than cooled.

The canned product is put in stock and preserved in covered stores maintaining his organoleptic properties and physical and chemical characteristics for almost 36 months re. the tinned band and 18 months re. the bag in box.

Organoleptic specifications
Aspect: Pulp in distinguishable pieces, of a good consistence.
Colour: Bright red, characteristic of a sound tomato gathered at the right condition of ripening.
Smell and taste: Characteristic of fresh tomato.
Chemical specifications
Parameters U.M. Valore
Dry residue 20° C % > 7
pH a 20° C % 4÷4,5
Total acidity / dry residue % < 9,5
(% citric acid t.q.)
Reducer sugars / dry residue % > 42
(% sugars / RO)
Chlorides % 0,1÷0,3
Colour Gardner % 1,9÷2,1
Dripped weight cm 4÷8
(HMC) % < 60
Pesticides and heavy metals in respect of the law
Fisical specification
Parameters U.M. Valore
Colourless pieces n./100 g < 10
Rots and necroses % Assenti
Peels cm2/100g < 6,00
Petioles in weight % < 0,05
Non-vegetable materials % absent
Bacteriological specifications
Parameters U.M. Valore
Total microbic loading UFC/g < 10.000
Acid bacters UFC/g absent
Leaven and mould UFC/g absent
Enterobacters UFC/25 g absent
Firm after incubation at 30° C for 14 days.

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